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New and returning Westminster School students have the opportunity to take one academic course for credit during the summer. In addition, qualified students from outside Westminster can also participate. These pass/fail courses, 由威斯敏斯特学院通过Zoom授课, 能帮助学生为即将到来的学年做准备吗, 提高学术技能,智力成长.

Courses are offered in a distance learning format through Zoom during the summer. Classes meet Monday through Friday for two hours per day and students are expected to spend one-to-two hours per day preparing for class. Students must earn a minimum exam score at the end of the term to earn pass/fail transcript credit. Daily meeting times are determined by faculty to best accommodate the location of students enrolled in the class.

今年的项目从 July 5-Aug. 4.


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  • Algebra 1

    这门第一年的课程介绍了代数的基本概念. Its aims include mastering basic algebraic skills and developing competence with the graphing calculator. 向学生介绍变量, order of operations, algebraic expressions, functions, and equations. Properties of signed numbers and other axioms lay the foundation for solving first-degree equations and systems of equations. 学生学习线性和二次函数, 他们的解决方案和图表, 并研究模拟这些函数的应用题. The year concludes with a study of polynomials, inequalities, and the properties of exponents.

  • Algebra 2

    This course reviews the basic skills of Algebra 1 while building on the notion of a function. Problem-solving and graphing the following types of functions are emphasized: linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, radical, and rational. 首先在几何和代数1中介绍的主题将进一步发展. The graphing calculator is used regularly to enhance and support comprehension.
  • 计算机程序设计与编码

    This course follows the AP Computer Science A curriculum and assumes no prior programming experience. 学生将学习Java编程, a general-purpose programming language that is one of the most popular in use today. For the first unit, 学生将在JKarel编程环境中工作, 是面向对象编程的敲门砖. From there, we will move on to Java, where students will be introduced to the core principles of objects and classes. Java对象可以用来表示现实生活中的日常对象, such as a car, 而课程就像是制作特定汽车模型的蓝图. 

    作为学生掌握Java特有的语法和词汇, they will learn general software principles applicable to any programming language, 包括Python和Ruby. 重点将放在算法上, 用于解决特定任务的一般方法或一步一步的食谱. 

    Students will have nightly reading assignments from the text and exercises corresponding to the topic covered that day. 为了补充这些作业, 学生还将观看8-10分钟的视频,总结当天的课程. Weekly problem sets, consisting of longer programming activities, will be due each Monday. 

    在为期五周的会议结束时, students will be well prepared to transition into the full-year AP Computer Science course.
  • Creative Writing

    本课程面向9-12年级的学生开放. It is intended for students who are interested in generating their own work but are unable to take the full-year course in Creative Writing offered by the English department during the regular school year. 我们将阅读各种文本,作为我们原创作品的模板, 但绝大多数的课堂和准备时间将用于写作, 修改和讨论学生生成的文本. 每周上课三次,每次90-120分钟, and students will be expected to produce several new pages every week in addition to providing peer feedback. 我们将学习各种体裁, but the course will have the flexibility to emphasize the particular interests of the students enrolled in the class.
  • Geometry

    This course consists of the study of shapes in two- and three-dimensional space using the formal language of definitions, postulates, and theorems. Students develop inductive and deductive reasoning skills and learn to construct two column proofs. 平行线的性质, 相同的和相似的形状, ratio and proportion, 勾股定理和直角三角形的三角学, special quadrilaterals, circles, geometric probability, and areas and volumes of plane and solid figures are the primary topics in the course. Alongside this agenda, there is also an ongoing review and enhancement of algebra skills. Specifically, we focus on solving linear and quadratic equations and systems of equations, 分数和根式表达式的操作和运算.
    Prerequisite: Algebra 1
  • Pre-Calculus

    本课程复习代数2中所学的函数, 加深学生对这些函数及其应用的理解. 本课程深入研究多项式函数和有理函数, trigonometric, 对数和指数函数, as well as power models, 重点是转换和绘图. 图形计算器在整个过程中被广泛使用.
    Prerequisite: Algebra 2
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